Panphys 2008 Programme

Skopje Macedonia 10-16 March 2008

Stranizza Theater, Macedonia The Man with Trajce Gjorgiev

2008 The Man “THE MAN” by Marcel Marceau, Adaptation and directing Trajce Gjorgiev
Five act mime performance “The Man” is based on a Marcel Marceau’ s famous classical mime pieces:
The Little cafe, The street player, Le Tribunal, The Bird Cage, The man.
It is a 45 minutes inspirational mime performance that held all technicues of mime theatre and the very profound play of a mime actor Trajce Gjorgiev. Those five pieces represent the essential philosophy of Marceau’s theatre. On the stage you will see allegories, philosophical and abstract pantomime. The princip is the same in all five of them: Naked body on the naked stage. One poor theatre for rich actor. Actor who can make the invisible, visible.
1.The Little cafe,
2.The street player,
3.Le Tribunal,
4.The Bird Cage,
5.The man.
“The Man” was played in the following countries: China, USA, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria.

Theatredreams, Bulgaria Homo Ludens with Alexsander Iliev

HOMO LUDENS Allegorical Pantomime A man falls from the sky. As a child he founds the objects in the world around him. He doesn’t use the things by their function, the objects gain souls and become undirigible; the universe turns upside down. The play gains cosmic power and endegers not only the world order but also the human himself. After that the last breath of the man seems like the cry of the new born child. The game starts again.
Script and director: Alexander Iliev
Musical editing: Vassil Genev
Costumes: Raliza Georgieva
Art light and sound: Dimitar Lefterov
Play back: on CD

The Inexistent Theatre, Romania Contrasts with Dana Cavaleru and Richard Bovnoczki

"A performance that would make Tom and Jerry jealous" Romania will be present at the annual New York International Fringe Festival with the award winning physical theatre production CONTRASTS, created and performed by actors Dana Cavaleru and Richard Bovnoczki, two of the finest actors in Bucharest, trained as part of Dan Puric's internationally renowned Passepartout Company. Their original approach to performance combines pantomime, dance and theatre assembled into an original stage vocabulary.

CONTRASTS tells the story of a man and a woman who wake up in the same bed and cannot remember where they have seen each other before. Using gestures, words, sounds or tap dance steps they create an ever-changing imaginary world. This high-octane show reveals, with great humour, the ever-present contrasts between men and women, in their everyday lives, in society and at home. "A performance that would make Tom and Jerry jealous" raved Academia Caţavencu, one of the most popular Romanian newspapers.

The show has already received two European awards: the 2009 Special Jury Award at the Faces without Masks Festival in Skopje (Macedonia), and the 2009 Audience Award at the "Solo Mime Festival" in Belgrade (Serbia).

The New York International Fringe Festival is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues.

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Remembrance on Marceau (Marcel Marceau)

Akira Shimizu, Japan Golden Silence with Akira Shimizu

Bum Karavan Art, Romania Golden SilenceFlirt with Andreea Paduraru and Mihai Baranga

FLIRT show- with Andreea Paduraru and Mihai Baranga. Derected by Andreea Paduraru and Mihai Baranga, choreography :Andreea Duta. A performance in pantomime, dance and more. A comedy about how to find your soul mate in five steps, the seduction rules or how to marry in a week . A parody at the motivation-books. It is gainer of The Popularity Award, at The International Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime in Zemun- Belgrade-2007.Duration of the play: 50 minutes.

Polihimnia , Bulgaria Macedonia Harakiri with D Veljic, V Arev and K Trajkovski

Theatrical Mime Theatre, USA Elemental Stories with Rick Wamer

Rick Wamer 2008 " Elemental Stories: A series of classic and contemporary theatrical mime vigniettes that range from lyric beauty to comic illusion. A delight for the mind and heart of the beholder. Performances may include: The Marionette, Balloon, The Stick, The Old West, Fire of Life, Mello-Drama, Grief and an audience participation improvisation.

Rick Wamer and Akira Shimizu were awarded for the best performances on the festival