Panphys 2009 Programme

Skopje Macedonia 09-14 March 2009

Guerassim Dischliev Monolog With Suitcase, Paris

Adam Darius And Kazimir Kolesnik Death Of A Scarecrow, Finland

Death of a Scarecrow - the mime theatre of Adam Darius & Kazimir Kolesnik

Natfiz, Krsto Sarafov The Pawn Shop, Bulgaria

Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertoary, India Three Pieces

2009 kanglei india “My Obedient Doll”: Children love ‘Doll’. They play with it; dress it up; make it do what they themselves want to do. In fact, a child’s mind and desire can be assessed to a certain extent, through his dolls. This particulars presentation is especially targeted/aimed at education for children through entertainment. Here, the doll-maker masters his live-doll; plays with it; makes it walk, run, shoot, do somersault, acrobatics. He makes his doll dance with rhythms from Indian folk music. Idols of religious and eminent persons of the world are also portrayed. Besides entertainment this mime play tries to render the message of unity, integrity, peace and harmony to the society.
(B) “Mime Stick Dance”: This is a spectacular presentation of artist’s skill of handling sticks. The artist masterfully handles the sticks and plays with them in many intricate rhythms and cross rhythms. Juggling fabricated with mime elements on traditional Manipuri Martial steps is transformed into a charming mime dance form.
(C) “Naughty Boy”: In the play, a naughty boy steals fruits from neighbouring orchards; kills birds with his catapult; drink cane –juice and threatens the juicer with his catapult; steals banana from an old lady-vendor and teases her; eats the stolen banana and throws the peel on the street; a sportsman on his daily run slips on the banana-peel. In fact no passer-by it let free; old man or boy or girl! They are objects of his amusement. Day by day, his mischief increased and became a nuisance. People got fed up. At last they caught him and taught him a lesson by breaking his catapult. After wards, with immense love and tenderness, they advised him not to repeat his actions. The boy became sorry for his past actions.

Kire Gjorevski, Macedonia Rewind Or Forward

Rubikon Theatre, Croatia Inter Net Works

Guerassim Dichliev was awarded for the best performance on the festival