Panphys 2010 Programme

Skopje Macedonia 12-16 March 2009

All Five Dan Puric Company , Romania

Bill Bowers, Under Montana Moon, New York City, USA

Death of a Scarecrow - the mime theatre of Adam Darius & Kazimir Kolesnik

Game 007 Theatre, Skopje, Macedonia

2010 Game (igra) GAME is a performance – REVOLT. Revolt towards the standard pattern of theatre plays usually staged in the so called “Classical Theater”, which is promoted in professional theatres. These performances are based on basic citing of the text, with elementary movements and exaggerated emotions... performances in which movement and game are forsaken. However it is the movement which is the basis of all games, the games which children, teenagers, adults, as well as the elderly are playing. Our GAME is a revolt against that theater. We want games, we want movements, we want to be different.
This performance is another REVOLT toward all politicizations in theater. GAME is an alternative story of professional theatre. It is a caricature of plays which celebrate nationalism, patriotism as opposed to globalization, liberality and acceptance of DIFFERENCES. This is a performance which mocks, ridicules, and parodies everything „local“, „mine“ in contrast with the „global“ and „our coexistence enriched with games.”

La Divina, Eliana Ben David, Schlomit Fundaminski, Israel

La Divina (2009) By Shlomit Fundaminsky. Solo, a physical theater performance inspired by the opera singer Maria Callas. With the support of the Israeli Ministry of Culture, The Israeli Choreographers Association and the Opera Fringe center in Jaffa. Editing - Oscar Abosh

Ecce Homo, Alexander Iliev, Sofija, Bulgaria

Two of Us, Dan Puric Company, Bucharest, Romania

Kaguya, Makoto Inue, Japan

Remambrance for Tomorrow Damir Dantes, BiH- Switzerland

Damir Dantes Was Awarded For The Best Performance On The Festival