Panphys 2011 Programme

Skopje Macedonia 11-16 March 2011

Phantasmagoria Dan Puric Company , Romania

“Phantasmagoria” is a show which looks like an inverted fairy-tale, like a nostalgic, snow-drifted Russian movie, cleverly sweetened with Romanian drolleries. A show at the boundary of pantomime and circus, as curious and mesmerizing as one-hour ride on the back of a polar bear, in the middle of Syberia...

Demo(n)cracy The Shortman, Denmark

Demo(n)cracy - is a physical story, about the politician who struggles to get his votes from the voters. About the politician who represents democracy. About democracy that represents the people. With an abstract interpretation of the topic, the performance introduces the audience into an insight how governance can be misused today.
The story consists of a series of powerful images which the actor creates with body and facial expressions and energy, in ensemble with a wild collage of sounds.
The politician in this performance stands between man and God. He is controlled by his ego and is filled with greed. Democracy stands on unstable ground and risk losing its grip and let other forces affect the game. The very word - democracy - has lost much of its original significance and function.

The Neighbours Sadness Is Deeper Emanuella Amichai Company, Israel

The neighbor's sadness is deeper takes place in a 50's style kitchen, a sort of arch-typical kitchen, which gradually reveals itself as a place of fantasy, both surreal and dark. In this kitchen five house-wives go about their seemingly normal kitchen routine, slipping into an imaginary unexpected realm.
The work is a combination of physical theatre, dance, elements of performance and stylish design. It references the nostalgic representation of the 50's, as perceived through TV shows, journals, cinema, advertising, fashion music and more.
This show is about five women and one kitchen, a show that gradually becomes surreal, grotesque ,and parodic.

Lolita Dolly Theatre Nikoli, Poland

Lolita Dolly is based on the novel “Lolita” by V. Nabokov. Spectacle tells us a dramatic story of an orphan girl, who after her mother’s death, has been under the influence of her sick minded and deeply fallen in love with her father. The relationship inspired the father to write the story of a wolf and a lamb.
The relationship between the wolf and the lamb is shown on the example of a dance and artistic movement as they become the metaphorical resemblance of the passion between Lolita and the writer. Excellent actors performance reflects the sexual tension in the relationship.

Slice Su-En Butoh Company, Sweden

Gift Momo Theatre, Poland

The Gift is, generally speaking, a very curvy in a form and sense story about Santa Claus seen from a perspective of Santa Claus himself, but neither the actual saint – bishop nor the good old granny in a red costume and a hat whose picture is shown to us by media and supermarkets everywhere around Christmas time.
In this play Santa Claus is a skin and bone man, tired of life, visually ill and most of all terribly lonely. Momo shows here a paradox of a man usually known for its generosity to others but forgetting about his own needs and dreams. Momo’s Santa Claus is a dark, awful joke of himself and his constant run for the gifts given to ungrateful good and bad kids and adults. What we see here is a depressive, lacking sense and left to his own man... until a snow-white appears at his side.

The award winner of 2011 Panphys Festival was Dan Puric Company