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    Trajce Gjorgiev

    Director / Manager Actor / Singer

Trajce Gjorgiev, born in Kocani in 1967, graduated at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje. Since 1997 he works in the Macedonian National Theater (MNT) In the period 1990 - 2010 I played in more than 40 performances, in this theatre Here is some of the titles:

  • “Misanthrope” by Moliere, “Naroden Pratenik” by Nusic, “Keg Powder” by Dejan Dukovski, “Peace” by Aristophanes, “Dead Souls” by Gogolj, “Fortuna Desperata” by Seneka, “Lepa Angelina” by Platnar,”Women in the Parlament” by Aristophanes, “Troilus and Cresida” by Shakespeare "Revizor"by Gogolj, "A flea in her ear"...
  • Theatre and video director since 1991, mostly as a leader of a theatre studio in the Cultural center, at the city of Kocani. In April 2004, I directed my first performance on the “Little stage” of the Macedonian National Theatre, “The Caretaker”
  • In April 2005 I directed and played in the five mime for one actor performance “The Man” by Marcel Marceau and with this performance I finished my Master of fine Arts degree in mime, on the Academy of Theatre and Film “NATFIZ” in Sofija, Bulgaria. This performance also win a theatre festival, managers award at the International festival of monodrama at the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
  • With “The Man” I take participation on the International Mime Festival in Ljubljana 2006, and also on the Eight International Art Festival in Shanghai , China.
  • Direction in a few music and commercial video clips, as wel as direction in 3 video clips for NGO, “Search for common ground” in Macedonia.
  • Director of a TV educational serial in 3 episodes: “Mime ABC”
  • I am taking participation in many performances for childrens.
  • More than 400 roles in cartoons voice over synchronizations.
  • Participation as an actor in many TV movies, as well as in the Movies “The Great Water” by Ivo Traykov and “ The Bones” by Milcho Manchevski.