Stranizza Theater exists since 1991, when a group of young people, lead by student in drama acting, Trajce Gjorgiev, made their first performance “UBU ROA” or “KING IBI” from Alfred Jarie in the Culture Center of city of Kocani.

Since than, “Stranizza” works at least one project per year, funded by various sources, mostly from The Ministry of Culture of Macedonia and funds that support theater work in the country.


The Mission of “STRANIZZA THEATER” is to create new, exiting, high quality theater, which connects people in their theatre expression, and also uses a body work and mime as a basement of theater orientation.The working process is “touching the physical through emotions”.

Sometimes we are working with minorities in our society and involve them into process of creativity and theater performances. Working together, we celebrate the theater and try to celebrate life and enjoy it, no mater who we are and what we are.